Freelance Multi-Disciplinary Creative with a background

in Graphic Design 


+ Brand Identity, Advertising

The need for human interaction and intimacy can feel almost impossible in a Gen-z world. Oversaturated with casual relationships and social media fabrications, Ship was created to reintroduce genuine human connection to this generation. 


+ Brand Identity

Fade blends music, culture and comfort. A creative hub that educates and amplifies underprivileged young black adults in the area. A space to immerse yourself in music and transmit vibes with your friends. Mix and master your craft in a space built for you to succeed.


A collection of Digital and Brand Design assets working across AW19 'Together ' and SS20 ' Spring Forecast ' Campaign.

+ Social Media,


City Billboard PSD Mockup-2.jpg

+ Brand Identity, Creative Strategy

I worked alongside the HeyBigMan team to create two create routes and visual identity for a youth entrepreneurs programme based in East London, UK


A self-authored design journal storytelling the history of graphic design, and the future creative possibilities.

+ Editorial Design


+ Editorial Design

A print publication determined to champion and celebrate black women and non-binary creatives across the diaspora.


+ Key4Life x Landor

Knife Crime Awareness Campaign

Key 4 Life is here to change the narrative by creating conversations and forming unity across generations. Removing blame from young people will allow them to be recognised as victims of their society.


I have a longstanding relationship with the Moody Month team, artworking assets for their period tracker app.

+ Artworking


+ Branding, Social Media

Her Hustle commissioned me to create a Brand identity for their upcoming membership package with a range of deliverables to be distributed on different social media channels. 


+ Multi-Disciplinary

A 'dump' of creative artwork that needs a home. The pieces in this archive showcase a range of talent, from illustration to Motion Graphics/Animation.