D&AD Newblood Award Entry

Key4Life x Landor

Over 14,000 children were arrested for knife crime offences just last year and In 2019, there was a 93% increase in the number of under 16s, admitted to hospitals due to knife attacks. It is no coincidence that the majority of knife crime takes place, in areas suffering from social deprivation and lack of funding.


The Government wants the public to believe Drill music is the cause, to avoid its responsibility to help protect the youth off today. 


Key 4 Life is here to change the narrative by creating conversations and forming unity across generations. Removing blame from young people will allow them to be recognised as victims of their society.



Create a typographic-led campaign that uses the power of words and visceral qualities of typography.



+ Static

The Dialogue is a broadsheet newspaper, designed to spread awareness at a low cost. Providing insight into knife crime with the help of articles and coupons for low income families. The newspaper is designed to create conversations and form unity across communities

+ Digital

Key4Life will collaborate with snapchat as the social media app has a key demographic of 13-17 year olds using the platform. A snap filter will be used to spread awareness quickly and a digital copy of The Dialogue will be available on the discover page.

+ Non-traditional

Signage installations will be strategically placed across all major cities, in youthful hotspots such as chicken shops, youth centres, council estates and more to create impactful moments. You can pinpoint the location via snapmaps feature. With enough attention and social media shares, these can go viral spreading more awareness.

snapchat homescreen.png